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Dealing with another major life event such as divorce or illness that has wreaked havoc on your personal finances? We can help!


Chapter 7 bankruptcy eliminates certain types of unsecured debts, but more importantly, it helps you get rid of the stress and worry that comes with having to deal with crippling amounts of debt and the collection calls that never stop.


In our experience, most people do not file bankruptcy to eliminate debt.  They file bankruptcy to eliminate the stress.


One of the most powerful things about bankruptcy is the “automatic stay.”  When you file bankruptcy, you immediately get bankruptcy protection.  The Court immediately sends a Court Order to all creditors demanding they leave you alone.


By law, most actions against you must cease once a Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy has been filed. Creditors cannot initiate or continue lawsuits, collection efforts, or even telephone calls demanding payments. Our office will act quickly to file your bankruptcy petition, stop the phone calls and lift any burdensome judgments.


Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate overwhelming debt. Debts may include credit card debt, bank loans, finance company loans, medical bills, and deficiencies on repossessed vehicles. When you speak to our office, we will let you know what you qualify for and discuss all of your options.  It can also eliminate unsecured debts left over from a divorce, a failed business, personal guarantees, and trade creditors.  Bankruptcy even allows you to eliminate certain income taxes over 3 years old.


Every state adopts certain state or federal “exemptions,” which are basically a list of things a person can keep and still file bankruptcy.  In Texas, those exemptions are such that most people who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy do not lose anything.  You may be able to keep your car, house and other personal belongings, even your retirement plan, when filing for Chapter 7 personal bankruptcy. When you work with our office, we will help you retain your assets and show you what steps to take following your bankruptcy so that you can quickly get back on your feet. You may also begin to rebuild your credit immediately after.    


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