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In today's dense and complicated business world, it's critical to have good legal advice and guidance on a wide variety of issues that your business deals with every day. From employee or customer contracts, to OSHA regulation compliance, leases, collections, and more - the legal services of Fitzgerald Law office can help you to steer a clear path to success. Call us today for more information, at 903-783-0051.

We have both the experience and the expertise you need to grow your business and to successfully navigate the complexities of the modern business world. Don't place your business success in jeopardy when a call to my office will put us in your corner.


Call us today at 903-783-0051 for more information on how his services can benefit your business.

  • Entity formation

  • Corporate governance issues

  • Sales and purchases

  • Real estate mangement

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  • Draft and review business contracts

  • Wholesaler's agreements

  • Business mediation

  • Law compliance reviews