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Wills and Probate comprise a complex area of the law and those who are serving as executors of an estate or trustees of a trust benefit from solid legal guidance. Call the office of Fitzgerald Law, at 903-783-0051, and let us put our skills and years of experience to work for you.

No matter the size of your estate, it's critical for you to plan ahead for its distribution after you are unable to direct your affairs, so that your loved ones are cared for after you are gone.


The experienced legal counsel offered by Fitzgerald Law can help you gain the peace of mind that comes from having these plans in order.

Helping you to plan ahead

  • Wills

  • Powers of attorney

  • Irrevocable and revocable trusts

  • Gifting

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  • Succession planning

  • Probate and estate administration proceedings

  • Guardianships